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T-S1 - Adjustable Speaker Stand

The perfect solution for all nearfield & small midfield monitors

Technical Data:
Footprint: 55cm x 55cm x 55cm
Top plate: 22cm x 30cm
Neoprene rubber decouplers
Set of acoustic-spikes A-M-S
Heavy mass: 14kg.
26-30kg when filled with
kiln-dried sand or lead shot
Height adjustment: (Sept. 07)
72cm- 120cm
28” 1/4 - 48”
Satin black powder coated
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Conventionally, most nearfield audio monitors end up resting uncomfortably on top of meter bridges, an accepted compromise which in most cases could affect the sound quality due to mixing-desk surface reflections and posible transient vibrations. Likewise, without viable alternatives, many audio professionals had no option other than putting their top-end midfields on clumsy or inappropriate fixed stands and probably stuck with the wrong height.

TOWERSONIC's T-S 1 is gradually becoming the industry's best all round solution. Whether you work in stereo, 5.1 or beyond, this robust and versatile stand will provide you with unsurpassed sonic neutrality and total flexibility. It will enable you to optimise 3D-space positioning, aesthetics and ergonomics, thus ultimately leading to a better acoustic balance and inspiration…

With a range of feet accessories to suit various floor conditions, VESA bracket conversion for LCD’s and made to measure top plates (at an extra cost), these stands are truly “studio essentials”.

As an example, T-S 1’s standard dimensions can be paired with a wide range of models such as:
ATC-CSM20, Klein & Hummel O110-O300, Adam P11A-P22A-S1A-S2A, Quested S6-7-8, PMC TB2, Focal SM8, Emes Blacks, Genelec 8020-8050/ 1032A, JBL LSR4328P, just to mention a few…

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