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T-S1B - Adjustable Speaker Stand

Truly versatile… for small to mid-sized midfield audio monitors.

Technical Data:
Footprint: 65cm x 65cm x 65cm
Top plate: 38cm x 48cm
Neoprene rubber decouplers
Set of acoustic-spikes A-M-S
Heavy mass: 23kg.
33-40kg when filled with
kiln-dried sand or lead shot
Height adjustment (Sept. 07):
28" 1/4-48"
Satin black powder coated
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The T-S 1B shares the same design as the T-S 1 but with a bigger footprint and larger top plates. These are capable of supporting very heavy weights and once the inner tube is filled with kiln-dried sand or lead shot their mass almost doubles, making them extremely stable and rock solid towers. With a maximum 120 cm adjustable height and customized with accessories, such as the heavy duty rubber castors H-D/C-W and the universal collar U-C to support extra heavy weights, they can confidently be used as small stage PA stands for loudspeakers such as Mackey’s SR1530z.

If you are planning or already working with multi-channel systems and are confronted with the dilemma of how to ergonomically and aesthetically accommodate your centre audio monitor with a single or multiple LCD’s, the answer is to convert our T-S 1B basic unit into a solid VESA stand using our multi-LCD bracket accessories, easy! And if you need to change the rear and side configuration, our high quality rubber castors CW/BK will allow you to do this in seconds whilst providing a sturdy platform with maximum floor isolation.

As an example, T-S 1B’s standard dimensions can be paired with a wide range of models such as: ATC-CSM50, Klein & Hummel O400, Adam P33A/ S3A, Focal SM11series, Quested S-8/ VS2108, Emes OWL/ Blues, Earthworks Sigma 6.2, Dynaudio M1.5, Genelec 1037C, JBL LSR632P, just to mention a few…
For some particular models, a bespoke top plate may have to be specially made.

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